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Talking To A Younger YOU


January is always the time to think of the things you coulda-woulda-shoulda done in the last year. Reflecting on everything that happened is the best way to move forward, as you learn from all that has happened in the previous year. Setting goals for the new year is a great way to feel like you’ve planned it out (especially if planning isn’t really your thing) but how do you know what you want to achieve if you don’t know what you’ve achieved already?

Thing of the most substantial things that happened last year, and what you learned from them. Now think what would you have told yourself before that thing happened to make it a little better? Or maybe to tell yourself to stop worrying so much!


Write down all of the things you would have told yourself last year if you could. Now think about those and see how you can apply those to your goals for this year! Lets go through some examples:

I would have told myself to worry about the future less.

  • This year my goal is to finish university with a 2:1/1 honors degree. I shouldn’t worry about the outcome because if i try my hardest then I’ve done my best! Worrying about what will happen will only cause me more stress and affect my mood.

I would have told myself to eat more healthy!

  • This year I want to eat better, look after my body more and not eat so much KFC or MacDonald’s after nights out…. I’ll make sure I always do a good food shop so I can have food in the house. No need for too many late night takeaways!

I would tell myself to stop procrastinating….

  • Funnily enough, action breeds motivation. So when you’re feeling sluggish and like you don’t want to be productive it’s probably just because you aren’t doing anything! Get started and you’ll be flying in no time. This one’s easier said than done when our luxury beds are so comfortable though …..

What would you tell your younger self? We’d love to hear your responses! Maybe they can help us all….

(Featured Images: Pinterest)