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Summer’s Coming: How Do You Make The Most of Yours?

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What do you do in the summer months away from university? Whether you work, travel, study, or spend time with family, it can feel like a really long time away from your university friends, and if you’re not careful can be fairly unproductive too. But, there’s more to the summer break than watching TV on the sofa and eating your way into a couch coma, yes, that’s appealing for the first few days.

Feeling free of the pressures of essay writing, meeting deadlines, and attending lectures can feel amazing to start with but unless you find things to do, before you know it you will be back on the treadmill of study, and won’t feel as though you made any use of all those months off!

Well here are a few inspiring ideas that might get you moving, and hopefully having some fun and feeling like you made the most of your summer.


Find a Job:

Summer jobs may bring to mind images of serving drinks on a beach in the Med, or maybe even in the Caribbean, but in reality, most Summer Jobs are not quite as glamorous. However, you could consider working at a festival, this is likely to get you free entry to the festival, lots of free time, and has the added benefit of being loads of fun! Working with kids at a summer camp is great if you love kids or want to teach in future, working at sports events can be really inspiring if you love a particular sport or event such as Wimbledon.

You could work at a theme park, another really fun option, or how about considering being a face painter for children’s events or parties! Other ideas could be, delivery jobs, (these are often really flexible especially with someone like Deliveroo), work in retail, hospitality, kids fun parks or life guarding at a beach or swimming pool (soak up the sun-rays while working!). Your student union can be a good source of information about summer jobs, but for now you could have a look at these websites for information about summer work opportunities:,



Work Experience:

A really good plan could be to look for a work experience opportunity with the type of business that you are interested in working for when you leave university. This not only gives you a deep insight into the type of career you are interested in, it might actually lead to you gaining employment with the company you do the work experience with, when you leave university, at worst it’s great for your CV, so, it’s a win win situation!

You could opt to take some paid work somewhere; if you do, try to make it something that is relevant to your long-term career goals, that way all the work you do demonstrates to any employer that you have been focused in your choices. You could even find a work or a work experience abroad which would give you great travel opportunities too! This website provides information about opportunities for international work experience: youth/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgKjitMjv2gIVz7DtCh3zMg3fEAAYASAAEgLE0PD_BwE



You can often earn decent cash over the summer raising money for good causes. If you can take on work for most of the summer holidays, on either a full time or part time basis then there are fundraising companies that will take you on and train you for their roles.

The pay is also often very good, a full-time charity fundraiser can earn as much as £4,500 for working during the summer break! A summer fundraising or volunteering job will also enhance your CV, as well as giving your bank balance a healthy boost. Lots of fundraising type work takes place outside, so you’ll also get to enjoy any summer sunshine that might show itself!



Start a New Hobby:

You never know, you might end up finding an interest that you love for the rest of your life, you stand to meet new people, learn something and probably have loads of fun in the process. Try photography, yoga, dance, climbing, walking, cycling, or something creative like learning to throw a clay pot or attending some art lessons. Or you could learn some mindfulness or meditation techniques, that would be sure to help you when you go back to all the pressures of university.

Get yourself in shape:

Why not develop a great new gym routine, get your diet on track and work out how to build exercise and personal time into your university schedule, it’s great for your physical and mental well-being so has to be a great thing to get into the habit of doing. There are so many budget gym memberships available now there really isn’t any excuse!

Whatever you decide, make it a summer to remember, make it count and come back to university feeling refreshed and proud of what you have achieved!

(Feature Image: @prattman711)