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Student Jobs – Making Extra Cash While Studying


Living as a student can be hard on the bank account. Overdrafts, extra jobs, university fees and all of that extra stuff you need for your course. It all costs money and as much as we would like it to grow on trees, no one has discovered one of those yet. Fitting in work around your course can be hard as it takes time away from studies, relaxing and seeing your friends but it can also bring a wealth of life experience as well as getting you used to having a schedule and other commitments. Having a consistent or even a small job on your CV helps companies to see your work ethic when you leave and ultimately help you land your dream job afterwards. But what work is there that can be done? And where do you find it? We have put together a few tips for what jobs are great for you while your studying and shouldn’t take any affect on your grades.


Part Time Retail Work

We’ve all heard about the slog of a part time retail job, but it serves a purpose for you and the employer. They need flexible workers and you need cash. It also helps your skills with people, dealing with customers and problem solving as well as giving you a routine to stick to because well, if you don’t then you won’t get paid! There are so many different shops to go for, and maybe try to get one that fits in with your interests and hobbies or even your course, to show a little thought went into where you spend some of your time. You might even learn things valuable to your course too.

Check out the West Quay or The Marlands website to see what vacancies are available in Southampton.


Freelance Jobs

Many people believe freelance work is the best way to go, as it fits around your schedule and you can work from home if you have a required skill. Websites like PeoplePerHour have a huge range of job listings, where you can choose your skill, find projects and pitch to work for them. It may be more for the creatives with things like graphic design or maybe a little more academic with copywriting and editing. You may even find a new avenue you could go down career wise!

Bar Work

We all like to go out and have fun, but if you really want to focus on your finances then why not choose to work in the bars instead of drink in them! You still get to see your friends and socialise (and go to bed late) but you’ll be earning money instead of spending it! Try going into your local bars and ask if they are hiring any bar or promotions staff. Its also a great way to get benefits when you do go out, especially in the place you work in! So choose your favourite bar, pop in and make those drinks!

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