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Home From Home – How To Decorate Your Studio


It might feel a little strange for the first few weeks, a new city, new friends and a new way of living and catering for yourself. If this is your first time living away from family it can feel a little empty and bare. So we’ve put together some ideas of how you can spruce up your My Unipad studio on a small budget and not lose your deposit! Because we all like to add a little homey touch to enjoy where we sleep.

One for the Girls …

Being cosy is something that all girls love, especially in the winter. Christmas movies (yes we are setting up for the festive period already) and hot chocolates covered with marshmallows. One of the best things about decorating in winter is having fairy lights cover almost every surface. Above the bed, around the TV, by your desk you name it fairy lights can go around it!

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And you can stay budget friendly with these fairy lights from Primark, just a short walk in the centre of town from our Studios and your cosy haven. Add some mugs for hot chocolate with your initials or your favourite Disney characters for the all round evening experience. Want more warmth? Throw in a fleece blanket or a knit throw to keep you warm (even though we have great heating) and use the smart TV’s to choose what you want to watch during your movie night.

Snacks in the Kitchen…

To accompany your cosy days in, you will need snacks. We suggest probably some pancakes and popcorn, with orange juice! But where will you store all of these goodies? Well we have great cupboard storage built into the studios but to add a little extra something to the decoration and your food space, why not get a little trolley? These ikea bargains are great to make the place look a little more lived in, as well as adding a place to put your easy-to-grab snacks.

Add some Mason jars filled with cookies to entertain your guests if you have friends round for movies and put in some funky straws and bar equipment to jazz the place up a bit with more of a feature. If you can’t have a bar, why not have a bar cart!

Wardrobe 2.0…

As students, you get discount on so many great clothes and we don’t blame you if you go a little OTT with the shopping. That’s why we think there is definitely a chance you’ll need a little extra space. Free standing clothes rails are great for decoration and also serve the purpose of being able to put on your most worn clothes so that they are easy to grab in time for that early morning class.


Check out the rails in Argos or Ikea, and fit them into your studio, maybe add a rug and some hanging bags to make it extra aesthetic and cosy. Check out the rooms here to make sure you can get one to fit… Gallery.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind…

There is that element of university where you have to spend a long time at either your laptop or your desk, if the space is uninspiring don’t you think you’ll be a little less than creative too? Our studios come with a desk as well as many other facilities like Super Fast Wifi, but you can add some personality to your space.


A little desk tidy to keep all of your important papers and a few notebooks to make sure you never run out of writing space is a good place to start. And how about a pin-board you can lean on the wall? Stick up some inspiration and maybe some photos of friends and family! That way you’ll always have a desk that inspires you.

So there’s our tips for decorating your dorm! Tag us in your photos of how you’ve made your room your own!

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