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Getting Organised For Your 1st Year of University


So you’ve been accepted on your course, you’ve told all of your friends and you’re super excited to get into your own place and finally begin the university journey. But wait a second …. what happens when you get there?

All of the excitement and nerves can sometimes distract you from the part where you actually have to go to classes and meet your deadlines. So we thought we’d give you a few top tips on how to keep yourself organised in the mess of Freshers Week, making new friends and ensuring you don’t get behind in those all important seminars.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

1 – Know Your Schedule

When there are so many fun Freshers events going on, it’s easy to pay attention to the fun nights out rather than what time you’re lecture is in the morning. Most of the time you can check your class timetable online, so when you login (using our Super Fast Wifi) why not set the alarms on your phone for the week. Then you know, whatever happens you’re going to wake up in time! You could even name the alarms with the different classes, so when you’ve had a late night, you know exactly what you’re waking up for!

2 –  Budget Your Money

It always manages to sound boring when people say you have to ‘take care’ of your money, and it can be pretty tight at university. Make a map of all of your outgoings including your rent and all of your bills (most are included with our rooms so check here) and write down when each payment come out and how much it is. Now write down how much money is coming in, and when, and see how much you have left over. This is you’re spending money and you can split it up into weeks to help keep track of it. And if it’s not enough, why not get a weekend or bar job to give you a little extra spending/saving money?


3 – Plan In Advance

This probably sounds equally as boring, but trust us it can save a shed load of stress. Those deadlines you’re dreading? If you plan backwards from them and see how many weeks you have, it makes it easier to see when you can complete the work and how much time you do actually have to do it. You can then also see how many classes you have or nights out until that time and balance it out so either one doesn’t go overboard. We still want you to have fun! Then you can enjoy things like our Smart TV and Super Comfy Beds completely guilt-FREE!

Happy Planning!

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