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Christmas On a Budget – The Student Way To Do Gifting


Everybody knows that Christmas is the most expensive time of year. From going out to parties, all the food for the family and meeting relatives and not to mention the endless gifts you have to buy for people. Especially if you missed Black Friday! If you wanted to save a little cash but still but some great gifts for family and friends, then we have made a list of all the best gifts you can buy and they are only a short walk away from your cosy My UniPad apartment.

The Gift Set

Everyone has that mum, nan, auntie or friend that loves a gift set. One of everything and a perfect gift for a night in or a bit of luxury. Luckily there are roughly 294756 different gift sets that come out each year just in time for the big day. Some of them contain things we have never seen sold before and can be quite amusing, but we are focusing on the cost effective ones, with a lot to offer and less heavy on the bank. This ‘Happiness’ Gift set from Dove is perfect for a cosy night in and is a steal at £8.50! Available at Superdrug.



The Secret Santa

Secret Santa can always be hard, especially when you have no idea what to get. Try a cheaper alternative to an extravagant gift and opt for something festive yet fun. This little decoration set means they can spruce up their desk without the fear of offending the other colleagues or students. Why not take it to the library? Get festive while you spend extra hours studying! Pick this little set up at Paperchase for just £4.50!

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 19.02.35


The Manly Gift

Buying gifts for men at Christmas can be the most challenging, unless he asks for something specific. But even then it could completely blow your budget! Urban Outfitters offer so many little gifts that are quirky and fun and that he will not see coming! For just £10 you can give him the gift of plant based fire (all men love fire) and if he likes a bit of spice, then this gift is ideal. The grow your own Jalapeño set is a fun way to say ‘can you handle the heat’ and it’s not breaking the bank! Fine it online here at Urban Outfitters.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 19.05.34


So how will you treat your loved ones this year? Add these as stocking fillers if you are getting a grander present and add these affordable small gifts to bulk it out under the tree. Enjoy the festivities!