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Becoming an Entrepreneur – Creating Your Own Destiny


Do you have an idea that you would love to turn into a business but don’t think you can while you are a student? Well think again. Entrepreneurship can provide you with excellent experience in all aspects of business, life and finance. Employers are attracted to students that have been exposed to real world business challenges and those who understand ‘risk’ from a business point of view.

If you have the chance to get involved in the running of a business or, even set up your own business while at university, do it. Some universities have resources and departments or special projects that help students to set their businesses up, others offer curriculum options providing teaching about how to start a business and how to gain funding etc. So even provide funds for their students to start a micro-business while studying in the hope that it might lead to a longer term sustainable business for that student in the future.

There are many resources out there for small start-up companies to tap into, crowdfunding platforms have even introduced the concept of asking for funding from the public. These platforms operate by offering rewards and incentives for those that have a little money to invest in a new business that they believe in. Some of the most popular There are many crowdfunding platforms including,,,, see this list for all the most popular ones and how they work

This website also provides some really useful pointers and information about helpful organisations if you are looking for funding for your own start-up business:



It’s not always necessary to have a fully comprehensive business plan, some modern business theorists consider that it’s better to just get started with ‘something’, to run experimental business projects/events/popups etc. This allows you to test your market before you commit your idea to paper or borrow lots of money to start something you have never put in front of a customer.

There are so many books on the market that claim to offer you help and guidance if you are thinking of venturing into the world of business, The $100 StartUp by Chris Guillebeau, is a highly inspirational books that tells stories of how people have successfully turned hobbies, interests or ideas that they were passionate about into successful businesses. Or The Lean StartUp by Eric Ries, which presents a new way of thinking about how to start a business by ‘trying it out’ with very little finance or business planning in place until the model has been tested.

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur it’s important to consider whether you have the right personality to start your own business, it’s hard work, you need to be willing to take risks, to go against the grain, to deal with the fear of failure and be prepared to be the hardest working, poorest person you have ever known for a while! But, starting your own business offers many rewards too, the satisfaction you gain from giving birth to an idea, and growing it into your vision of a successful business is indescribable.

This is an insightful article that demonstrates some of the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur: