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5 Pieces To Elevate Your Student Room

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Moving into student accommodation is scary, there’s no lying about it. You are moving out of your family for the first time – for most people. You are living with people you’ve never met before and you are standing on your own two feet. There is much to be celebrated about that. University is opening the door to your future and so why not invest your energy into your surroundings to help with your energy towards further down the line, trust us.

We’ve chosen five items that we think could help you in elevating your room and setting the tone for this exciting chapter in your life!

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  • Mini Carnival Lights ‘A To Z’ – Not On The High Street


Who doesn’t love novelty lighting? With this mini carnival light from Not on the High Street you can add a little touch of flair using your name. Fancy more than one? Get one for each of your initials!

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  • Pure Linen’ Fragrance Diffuser – Next


Nobody wants their room to smell bad. So why not keep it smelling clean and fresh! Thanks to Next you can smell of clean laundry all day round! There’s a wide range of fragrances to choose from too should you want to change things up.

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  • ‘Klunka’ Laundry Bag – IKEA


Often overlooked and sometimes forgotten, a laundry bag can keep your room looking tidy and with that, you can keep a clearer mind. Something as simple as a laundry bag can help with feeling organised when you need a clutter-free workspace. Don’t let it pile up on the floor, put it in the bag!

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  • ‘No Drama Llama’ Mug – Urban Outfitters


Keep the bad vibes at bay with the no drama llama mug from Urban Outfitters. One thing many students have in common is a love of tea or other hot drinks. The llama will see you through the countless cups of tea or coffee that will help you through the trying times.

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  • Marble Print Duvet Set – Urban Outfitters


The marble print duvet set from Urban Outfitters will lull you into your slumber, surround you for binge watches and comfort you on down days, all the while looking, clean, contemporary and chic. Available for single, double and king-sized beds, it’s perfect for any type of room in your student accommodation. What are you waiting for? Dive in – literally!

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