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3 Ways To Wind Down for the Christmas Holidays


Making sure everything is organised in time for the Christmas holidays can be a whirlwind of food shopping and setting ‘out of office’ responses and even finishing things in time for deadlines. But it can cause quite a bit of stress, especially if you still have work to do. Even if you can’t 100% wind down for the whole duration of the Christmas Holidays, we have put together a few ways you can at least relax for some of it.

Plan your food

Eating is essential and eating over the festive period is EXPENSIVE! We tend to eat a lot more food, snack more and not really think about meals, but if you can plan what you will be tucking into, it will help you shop seeing as most places close mostly over the next week or so. It will also save you money on that late night Dominos because you’ve forgotten to buy food….. If you’re going home to family, then you needn’t worry about the festive food, just make sure you don’t overbuy beforehand.

Make your to do lists

Making sure everything gets done is imperative to you relaxing over the holidays. If there are things you know you should be doing they will always be in the back of your head, so make your lists of what needs to be done and when and complete the tasks that have deadlines before the holidays. Getting them done now means you won’t have to do them later! Then you know you have your list of what needs to be done after and can relax knowing that will be done after the fun is over. Plan plan plan!

Prepare to relax

Sometimes, actually winding down takes longer than the time you have to enjoy it. So prepare for the time you will be off so you can have a guilt free fun fest over Christmas and New Year. Prepare your house and tasks as above and you can trick yourself into being relaxed sooner! Just don’t do it too fast or you’ll have the dreaded guilt! Get all those uni work assignments done before they need to be handed in so you can enjoy family or friends time.

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